The Yoni Egg- A powerful tool for Awakening and Nourishing Feminine Sexual Energy

Jade Egg The jade egg was used by mystical courtesans in the royal palace of China thousands of years ago when the power and preciousness of sexual energy was recognized and cultivated. The jade egg is as relevant to us today as it was then.​

  • The benefits of having a jade egg practice are both physical and spiritual.
  • It tones up our pelvic floor muscles creating strong yoni shakti (vulva power!) for better posture and more vitality in daily life, and a responsive, articulate yoni!
  • The vibration of the jade gives a crystal healing from the inside and the internal massage from the practices increase sensitivity inside the vaginal canal.
  • The Yoni egg has the power to open up pleasure spots in areas inside your vaginal canal that may have become de-sensitized.
  • It is an amazing healing tool; so many of us store unprocessed pain and trauma in this area of our bodies, this limits our ability to experience pleasure and be truly present and open to life in its fullness.

The Yoni Egg empowers us to heal ourselves with awareness, love and consciousness, allowing us to create an affirming and nourishing relationship to our own sexuality and to attract sexual experiences which are deeply loving and fulfilling.

Yoni eggs are not always made of Jade. It is possible to use a whole variety of different crystals each with their own particular healing vibration. I like to use a ‘jade’ Yoni egg made out of Rose quartz, a crystal vibrating with a very pure LOVE vibration. The black crystal Obsidian has powerful purifying qualities.

Jade egg initations I guide Jade egg Initiation Rituals. This is especially powerful when done in a group of women. I offer these Jade egg Initation rituals in my workshops and retreats but also one on one in my sessions in person or via Skype. The initations are done in a safe, relaxed and loving space where you truly can receive this healing energy into your most sensitive and receptive part of your body, your beautiful yoni. If you are interested in booking a session or workshop contact me!

In this healing yoni ritual we form a living mandala to embody our strong intention for our own healing and the healing for women everywhere. We start with using our breath and movement to open up our presences in our bodies and then we create a safe container through meditating on our hearts and yoni, allowing an intention to rise up within our selves. We share that with our sisters in the circle, being seen and heard. We then use simple but powerful Tao Tantric techniques to access and release negative imprinting in our sexual organs and create a nourishing and empowering relationship to our sexual energy.

This initiation ritual is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the jade egg. I hold this as a sacred ritual and shared meditation in a safe and supportive atmosphere with the intention for playful exploration and deep healing. This is a potent practice to share as a sacred feminine ritual and you will go away with a jade egg practice that you can continue with at home. Jade egg practice is a sacred meditation, a kind of sexual yoga that offers you a way to cultivate your sexual vitality and merge your sexual and spiritual life. This healing ritual is appropriate for any woman (if you have your moon blood you can still participate and learn the techniques without placing the jade egg inside).

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