Come join the circle….breathe, sound, undulate, roll, growl, snort, laugh, cry….and bring your soft animal body alive in the company of a circle of women.

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**Wisdom Bones** is a ritual practice incorporating breath, sound, movement and spontaneous personal storytelling to support you to be seen, heard, and honored in your full aliveness. Part movement class, part improvisational therapeutic theater, Wisdom Bones is a fun, dynamic healing modality for women who seek a profound experience of healing, expression, and support.

**Shakti Yoga** is a sensual feminine movement practice where we allow the body to move intuitively from our deepest core energy. We use breath, sounds, asana, free organic movement, energetic alignment, and meditation to anchor into our bodies and wombs.

“I find wisdom bones to be a deeply profound practice, like the missing link in how I want to be met and express myself with other women. Robyn is an exquisite guide for the journey, you can trust her implicitly and feel safe to courageously walk the path of the creative unknown. After each session I leave feeling healed, met, energized, at home in myself and connected to the world. I feel this practice is a vital key for access to the feminine and I cannot recommend it enough!” ——Sonja Shradha Devi, Feminine Empowerment Coach

“A fantastic experience meeting all these beautiful women. Connecting on a very cellular level and finding this divine energy. So deep. So special. So refreshing and alive. Bit by bit bringing me through my layers of fear, density and love. Gazing into one another’s eyes and slowly finding space of all kinds. Blissful. Waking up and finding a desire for more closeness, gazing and sharing. Thank you all, and thank you goddess Mira.”
–Anneli, Shakti Yoga Participant, Sweden

What you can expect during your Wisdom Bones Shakti Yoga weekend:

-Safe, sacred space for connection with your own heart & spirit, and connection with a circle of sisters
-Honoring of your unique expression through ecstatic free movement and sound
-Gentle, step-by-step instructions, each one building on the one before, making these practices easy and accessible for everyone, no prior experience necessary
-Space to speak your truth, and encouragement to tell the stories that matter to you, to name and release what is rising within you to be witnessed and honored
-Techniques to release body tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gung, transformational breath
-Womb meditations and deep relaxation
-Restorative Yin poses and dynamic Yang poses

We believe that there is nothing we need to fix or change in order to be whole, but instead an opportunity to practice trusting our bodies, listening to our feminine nature, and allowing our divine sensuality as the wise light within that is meant to be guiding our lives. It is about trusting the movement from within, while being in relationship with the earth, not knowing where the movement is going to take you, but rooted to a deeper wisdom.

Welcoming you for an Introductory Evening on November 2nd from 6-9pm

Then join us for your Weekend Immersion November 9-11
Friday 4-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 10-6

Where: at a beautiful resort in Ubud, Bali to be announced

Super Early Bird – 2 mil IDR before Oct. 6
Early Bird -2.5 mil IDR before Oct. 19
Regular price – 3 mil IDR

**Sign up – Contact**
Please send an email to Mira OR Robyn

**Your Facilitators**

Mira´s life is a deeply intuitive, creative and explorative journey of the embodiment and union of Spirit and Body. Since 1993, she have been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of yoga, tantra, touch and movement. She now facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world. Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga. Her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti; the Life Force energy within.
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Robyn Lynn’s passion lies at the intersection of mysticism and embodiment. She is the creator of The Present Sense Approach to Sex and Intimacy, a somatic approach to transformation in the realms of sexuality and relationships, and for over a decade she has supported couples and individuals to express and bring alive previously hidden aspects of themselves through her compassionate and encouraging witness. Robyn is an initiate of Sri Vidya lineage of classical Tantra, and a certified practitioner of Sexological Bodywork through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed non-terminal master’s work in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance, and is the creator of “Wisdom Bones” embodied storytelling circles for women. For more information, you can go to