What is Tantra?

“Tantra is the hot blood of spiritual practice. It smashes the taboo against unreasonable happiness; a thunderbolt path, swift, joyful, and fierce. There is no authentic Tantra without profound commitment, discipline, courage, and a sense of wild, foolhardy, fearless abandon.” – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

In the world of Tantra, all is welcome. You are welcome as you, and your life is a divine journey of imperfect perfection. Spirit and sex are one of the same energy, two sides of the same coin. Your sexuality carries a deep healing liberating energy that returns you back to your spiritual source. Tantra is about finding the divine is in everything. The real perfection is in the unperfected, juicy, messy flow that you already are. Just come to move, open and breathe new life into your body and spirit.

I am here to share the tantric practices that will bring an ecstatic, orgasmic deep healing joy into your life. I have both been on a spiritual paths since the early 90’s and I am passionate to share about the divine wild practice of tantra with you! The way I teach Tantra is about trusting the movement from within.

It’s about being in relationship to the earth, and not knowing where life is going to take you. Connecting with the wild intuitive animal within you, letting that guide you in your life, so you’re trusting your body’s inherent knowingness where to move and how to heal your life. Tantric practices will open a deeper capacity in you to listen to your body and energetic core. Through creating a connection with the elements around you, creating a feeling of union with nature, we will be weaving the feminine and masculine qualities deep into your body and soul. This is a sensual deepening, which awakens a higher awareness in your life. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always in some kind of relationship with God. However, in Tantra, there is more conscious awareness of the divine in everything. There is a process of surrender that allows you to open more to the divine. You loose the old constricted limiting self, and allow yourself to be taken by a force greater than you. This is your true self, and is what you will discover by opening to our natural sensual connection with one another. The tantric practice we teach are all about embracing your feminine and masculine energies within, and allowing them to merge as one divine force. This awakens the Shakti within you. We practice breathing this into every aspect of our life so that our relationships, our love life, our health, money and sex are all flooded with this cosmic orgasmic energy! When this occurs, miraculous things will start manifesting into your life.

In a tantric workshop we will play and dance with the different polarities within and around you. We are here to create the most juicy vibrant life possible.  I believe that we are here to explore how spirituality and sexuality are one.  This is where the real juiciness is in life. This merging naturally occurs when we relax into communion with our bodies, instead of reside up in our minds. We can use our minds to create our future, but the mind can not show us our reality. Our bodies are closer to the truth, as the body does not lie. It carries a deep force and wisdom that is vibrating in each cell as divine connection. As you learn how to allow the movement to flow from this connection with your core energy, finding that your sexuality and spirituality are the same source. We might use tantric meditations and energy focus to enhance our practice, but most of all we will use the energy of the present moment to allow us to deepen our connection with our self, our energy source, our feelings and life force.