I was deeply touched and sweetly supported this magical evening by the magical light and signs on the Sky. I had been struggling for some time with a challenge of mine and had just realised this evening that I can’t make it on my own. I reached out to all my sweet sisters and support network as well as I reached out to my connection to spirit in me. I was suffering and could not bear being alone in it. And help came through the support of my loving friends and through the special beauty of this evening light. This evening I rooted into the Earth while receiving the healing Rainbow Ray from the Heavens. (Can you see it in the picture?)

If we reach out and ask for help it will come our way. Maybe not in the form we thought or as we would have wanted it. Help will come our way if we are open to truly surrender into something greater than ourselves, to receive support and healing help. In that surrender we need to empty your mind from preconceptions of how this help should come to us, and from that emptiness we need to allow life to actually touch us with its magical response. It could be through a stranger smiling at you on the street, or a sweet memory where you felt really supported or by a music tune that just melts your heart or through a beautiful sunset like this one. Help comes in so many ways and often we just rush by the help that is offered to us through a million small miracles happening each day.

You see, you can’t heal your own mess that has been created by your own messy mind. I do not believe that we are in this alone and need to fix or handle our own struggle and challenges by ourselves. Only through reaching out and acknowledging your part in the whole can you find true healing. And that acknowledgment can come through you sobbing your heart out together with a friend and in that act of reaching out to someone else you will find wholeness.

Finding Union does not always look like a blissful moment on your yoga mat in total flow with yourself and your life. It can also come through the forgotten dark parts of ourselves where we do not believe we are worthy of love, at all. More often it is at times like this, when we are broken down by our own effort to handle life by ourselves, and when we are humbled and in need of a friend that true healing and magic comes our way.

So reach out! Don’t try and make it by yourself! You are so deeply loved, beyond measure, by this infinite loving existence we call Life.

With lots and lots of love and healing support, Mira

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