”A fantastic experience meeting all these beautiful women. Connecting on a very cellular level and finding this divine energy. So deep. So special. So refereshing and alive. Bit by bit bringing me through my layers of fear, density and love. Gazing into one another´s eyes and slowely finding space of all kinds. Blissful. Waking up and finding a desire for more closeness, gazing and sharing. I love tantra and the fact that I chose to be a part of this day and work shop. Thank you me. Thank you all. Thank you goddess Mira.” Annelie, Sweden

”TBT to a day in July with this divine woman ❤ I had such a beautiful day with lots of wisdom, joy, love, dance and happiness! ”Let love be your guide”. Mira, this day will always bring a smile to my face” Theresa, Sweden

“Thank you Precious Mira! I can feel new juice of feminine and masculine energy as a result of their inner love … It is pleasure to know you and to share time with happiness and joy with you I’m so excited to share a lot of new experience and emotions with you . My live is more beautiful and joyful and full with happiness!I’m in a non-stop cosmic orgasm. With one hand in Heaven and other on the Earth … Mather Earth kisses Father Sky … I haven’t any words for that . I’m happy and have more energy and power…. Thank you!!!” Iva, Bulgaria

Mira is one of those teacher’s whose classes you will go out of your way to attend. She has an amazing ability to unlock stuck energies within her students, bringing things to the surface so they can be transformed through the practice. Mira holds a powerful space that strongly honours the sacred aspects of yoga, activating profound shifts and fostering a deep sense of connectedness to self. Coming out of one of her classes feels like you are coming out of a wonderful inner journey to the centre of your being.” Emily Christian, Australia, Yoga teacher

“Dakini Yoga Mira guides you through your body so skillfully with a soothing, relaxing yet inspiring precence, where a strong sense of the chakras are coming to life and starts to vibrate with strenght, warmth and energy. Her teaching is such a blessing. She has deeply touched my soul and heart! I strongly recommend taking her classes.” Hillevi Borga, Physiotherapeut, Yogateacher, Stockholm Sweden

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