This is a personalized program of 4 healing sessions that will integrate the masculine and feminine qualities within you. This journey starts within your body, embracing your body, mind and emotions as a loving dynamic dance of your own life. No prerequisites are placed on you.  You are welcome just as you are. The following are descriptions of what you are about to receive.

The Feminine Embrace of Touch – This first session is an exploration of your feminine energies through a deeply guided journey into your body and soul. We will embrace self-love, acceptance, nurturance and surrender in relationship to the earth and this feminine aspect of you. I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation using energetic touch, intuitive guidance, a connective breath, and emotional grounding with Mother Earth. New memories of being fully loved, heard, seen and felt will be created.

The Feminine Yin Yoga Experience – In this second session we will use restorative yin yoga postures, creating a deeper connection with your breath, and tapping into the healing gift of earth and sky.  You’ll be learning a personalized healing yoga practice that you can continue with at home, for a deeper exploration of the feminine essence in you. In this session we will come into a deep stillness, staying extensively in each pose in order to make a contact with the connective tissue and to create a profound relaxation throughout the nervous system.

The Masculine Movement of Expansion – In this third session we will explore the gift of the masculine; the energy of movement and expansion. The focus is on opening up the muscular structure of the body, receiving more life force in those tense or inactive areas of your body. You will learn how to open your body to change and transformation, allowing in the dynamic yang energy with the use of yang yoga.  We will be exploring tantric visualizations, ayurvedic qualities, and how to balance this through breath and body.  This is a grounding energetic practice that you can take with you home to integrate the yang expansive masculine qualities into your body and life.

The Integration – In this fourth session we will focus on fine-tuning and integrating the previous practices, weaving them together into a manageable routine that suits your life and your needs. We will focus on fully feeling into the merging of the masculine and feminine aspects within the body, mind and soul. This session provides the tools to enhance a deeper intimate connection with yourself.  You will learn how to listen and tune into yourself more intimately, and discover an approach to your body that allows you to heal any imbalances in there. This creates a magical approach to life, where you will start to feel a dynamic and sensual play of the masculine and feminine.

If you feel inclined to work with me, please fill out the form below and contact me. I give session in English and Swedish, in person or over skype. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Dakini Healing ”A softness and innocence and connection to nature in your way of being, your healing hands, and the very fine vibration of your singing made me go deep into relaxation, love and peace. I could fully trust you. It was a beautiful experience!” Ingunn Holtan

Skype Sessions

60 min session: 125 USD

90 min session: 150 USD

3 sessions a 60 min: 295 USD (original price 375 USD)

3 sessions a 90 min: 370 USD (original price 450 USD)

In Person Sessions

60 min session: 145 USD

90 min session: 175 USD

3 sessions a 60 min: 365 USD (original price 435 USD)

3 sessions a 90 min: 455 USD (original price 525 USD)