In a Shakti Tantra Yoga session the focus will be on deep sensual relaxation. All of you will be embraced and invited into your yoga practice; the dark as well as the light parts of you, the masculine as well as the feminine parts. Movement and change is invited into this deep relaxation. It is a movement from the inside and out, as a ceremony, as a prayer. Through breathing, sounding and moving we will descend into our bodies and explore the raw primordial connection with Shakti within us.

Shakti, is your life force energy, your natural healing energy within your body. When you get a connection with your Shakti energy, also called Kundalini, you naturally heal, you feel inspired and connected with yourself, life and your own creative sexual energy.

Different tools that we might use in a Shakti Tantra Yoga session are:

  • Yin restorative poses and dynamic Yang poses and flow
  • Tantric energy work
  • Meditation and deep relaxation
  • Shamanic connection to the core of the earth and the expansive sky
  • Ecstatic free movement and sounds.
  • Techniques to release tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gung, and transformational breath.

What you could experience in a Shakti Yoga session:

  • Connection to the elements around you and a feeling of union with nature
  • A deeper capacity to listen to your body and enjoy being in your body
  • A deepening of sensual mindful awareness in your yoga practice
  • Increased capacity to release tension and open to more joy and orgasmic pleasure
  • Weaving of feminine and masculine qualities in your body and soul
  • Deeper connection with the earth and the vast expansive sky

“For me yoga is not about techniques or postures put on top of you as a concept of what would be good for you. Instead it is to truly feel intimate with yourself so that your needs can be nourished in your practice. Yoga to me is not a set of physical postures that make you fit and maybe eventually bring you some peace along the way. It is the opposite. We start with relaxing into ourselves and then we move, using the movement to enhance the peace and connection that is already there. You as a whole being are welcomed. In this place of acceptance of yourself, blocked parts can be released in a soft and gradual way.”

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Dakini Yoga ”Mira has a very profound and deeply grounded earthy Yoga Practice that will heal years of tension stored in your body.  There is this deep feeling of being one with the Earth when doing yoga with her and the natural healing experience spreads through every cell of your body!  She is amazing at what she does, a true gift to this world.” Jafree Ozwald,

Dakini Yoga Mira guides you through your body so skillfully with a soothing, relaxing yet inspiring precence, where a strong sense of the chakras are coming to life and starts to vibrate with strenght, warmth and energy. Her teaching is such a blessing. She has deeply touched my soul and heart! I strongly recommend taking her classes.   Hillevi Borga, Physiotherapeut, Yogateacher, Stockholm Sweden