DAKINI RETREATS AND EVENTS Are you interested in receiving inspiration on how to live a deeper and more healing life?  I create events, workshops and retreats for groups where you and your specific need are meet. Just let me know what you are longing to explore in an event with me, and I will create this for you. Here are elements that I can offer during an event:

    • Yoga; Yin restorative poses and dynamic Yang poses and flow
    • Exploring chakras, energetic alignment, mantra and tantric visualization’s
    • Female yoga and an exploration of a deepening feminine tantric practice
    • Deepening of sensual mindful awareness in your yoga practice
    • Weaving of feminine and masculine qualities in your body and energy
    • Exploring natural, ecstatic dance and movement
    • Sacred touch and healing
    • Tantric partner work and connection
    • Tribal techniques for releasing stuck energies and emotions
    • Feminine Sacred Dance
    • Meditation and deep relaxation
    • Pranayama and breath work
    • Learning how to tune into your breath and find a breath that balances you
    • Exploring Ayurvedic qualities within your body and mind and how to find balance in your yoga practice
    • Deeper capacity to listen to your body and create a healing practice
    • Connection with your energetic core and a feeling of being held by the Earth
    • Connection to the elements around you and a feeling of union with nature
    • Working with the energy of the different Goddesses in Tantra Yoga
    • Facial yoga and spa-rituals to care for your skin and body
    • Raw food inspiration
    • Sharing circles

If you feel inclined to work with me, and want to know more about my events please fill out the form below and contact me. Please add your phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. I give sessions in English and Swedish, in person and over Skype. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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