We are bridging the worlds of Tantra and Manifesting. You’ll learn how to magnetize what you want in life through your intimate connection with the Divine. By merging of the ancient science of manifesting with your essential tantric nature, you’ll awaken a new clarity and vision for your life.

What is a Tantric Manifestor?  This is an awakened spiritual being who has tapped into the reservoir of Kundalini life force energy and is channelling it into magnetizing whatever they desire. They are living in Heaven on this Earth, everywhere they go the see, smell, touch and experience the Divine.

For a moment, imagine that you can manifest all the love and connection that you could ever want to have. You don’t have to live in struggle or lack anymore. You can easily have all that you need. You can attract that perfect loving partner, who sets your soul on fire. You can have the most erotic exotic love making every nite that anyone could imagine having. You can access an infinite source of energy anytime you need it. It is inside you now, and anything is possible in this Universe! There are no real limits, only the ones we make up in our mind.

A few excersises you’ll experience are:

Energy Work:

  • Breathwork
  • Shaking
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Kundalini Awakening Exercises
  • Manifestation Meditations
  • Heart Intention Exercises

Partner Work:

  • Soul Gazing
  • Cuddle Piles
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Partner Work
  • Intimacy Meditations
  • Personal Sharing

The Tantric Manifestor experience may be one of the most enlightening and empowering explorations to ever happen in your life. We will be experiencing fun transformational exercises that open you up to the divine source within, and experience a sacred merging with it. By creating relaxation and intimacy through breath, movement, touch and sound, you’ll get in touch with your Kundalini energy, which will ignite your life purpose and mission.  This experience will inspire your life, take your finances, health and intimate relationships to their highest peak, as well as embrace all your human darkness and light. There will also be dyad/partner exercises that are non-invasive and heart opening, creating energetic and emotional healing for releasing whatever is blocking you from manifesting all that your heart desires.  This is a safe “clothes on” container where boundaries are respected and communicated. We will be doing intimate sensual awakening exercises that will be moving your sexual kundalini energy.

What you’ll take away from our playshop is…

  • Crystal clear vision of your dream life
  • Knowing how to manifest your dream with orgasmic tantric energy
  • Being a highly sensual and sexually alive human being
  • Greater trust and intimacy with yourself and others
  • Awakening Kundalini energy for healing, creativity and manifestation
  • Healing meditations and deep relaxation
  • How to say YES and manifest a life that you love!

There is something profound about redefining who we are and what we are manifesting into our lives. There is sooooo much amazing creative energy locked up inside of us, trembling to come out into the world to be seen, felt and heard. In our playshop you will learn how to transcend these limiting beliefs you’re carrying and truly ignite your most successful, joy-filled life where you feel unstoppable in all that you do. It is possible, and very real. We have experienced it and you can too. We want to share with you how to attain this. The only thing that is needed to participate in this workshop is a willness to be intimate with yourself and others. In this meeting you will discover who you truly are. This workshop will teach you specific exercises on how to use your Kundalini energy in the manifestation process.  You’ll receive our sacred tantric secrets that will empower you to manifest anything your heart desires. It’s about raising your vibration so high that you effortlessly manifest your dream life using your own sacred natural tantric sensual energy. There are so many divine and precious gems inside you, that have been hiding too long from the world!  Get ready to reclaim your God-given power to manifest the life you want and know how to enjoy it in the most sensual and succulent ways!

We are excited to explore the world of tantra with you!

With love and devotion, Jafree & Mira

“Allow yourself to feel the power of the manifestation of everything you desire in your life with Jafree and to step into the darkest and unknown corners of your body and to feel the Tantric energy with Mira. A spiritual duet that has a lot to teach you. Take advantage of the opportunity for individual sessions with them during their stay in Bulgaria. “ Stelian Rashkov, Bulgaria

“Mira and Jafree, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your amazing and sooo powerful love and affection that you are spreading. You have exceptional devotion to everything that you do. You help people transform themselves, experience unconditional love, and manifest the dream life that they deserve! Your tantra playshop was a real mind blowing and life changing experience for me and completely changed my mindset! Though only a few days were spent together with you and the other great participants, you managed to make us open our heart, open into our full sensuality and feel with every single cell of our body that we are made from love and made for giving and receiving love! The breathing, sound and movement exercises brought me to an exceptional state of awareness. I felt the divine connection with my inner Self, with the others, and with All that is. I was so amazed and grateful that during that state I managed to give up and heal all the hurt and anger I was holding within me and let the unconditional Love flow deeper in the emptied space. Each exercise revealed more of who I am beneath the layers of my stories and experience. They re-sensitized me on so many layers physically, spiritually and emotionally and made me accept my dark side and all the gremlins living inside. Your love, personal example, and the advice we received during our private session together with my partner inspired us, and helped us reignite our passion and experience a blissful connection that is in a cosmic, orgasmic, and ecstatic state with high frequency vibrations! Your take on Tantra makes me step out of my comfort zones, frees me of my old patterns and helps me feel comfortable to take risks and explore new territories. It offers a completely new model for living that is free of control, criticism and limiting beliefs. We only have to believe that everything is in our hands and we are the magicians of our reality!” Adi, Bulgaria

“I’m so excited to share a lot of new experiences and emotions with you. My life is more beautiful, joyful and full of happiness! Thank you for this opportunity to be together in Sofia. Jafree and Mira, you are a tantric couple and a model for me!  Even in your presence, one can feel the impulse and inspiration for the manifestation of our natural self that is both perfect and imperfect, unlimited creators of infinite abundance and prosperity of love. The words that best describe how I’m feeling after Day 1 of Tantric Enlightened Manifestor Playshop, were “The Newest Me”.  I now know who am I and where I come from. The most significant things for me during the this amazing joyful playshop were feeling peaceful, inner stability, patience. I’m happy and have more energy and power now! You are truly magnificent people-friendly creatures! It was such a wonderful 7 day playshop, discovering the third side of the coin and the art of manifesting by pure pleasure. I’m in a non-stop cosmic orgasm with one hand in Heaven and other on the Earth!  Mother Earth kisses Father Sky… I haven’t any words for that!”   Love you! Big Hugs and kisses. Namaste, Iva Iva

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