Lately I have been working on shedding a deep fear of mine; “What others think of me.” This has been a deep rooted fear in me which has controlled me and made me scared of doing things I love, like dancing passionately and wildly among other people. “What will they think of me now? Who am I to dance my wild dance and show myself?”

Well. No more hiding. We are all here to shine our light and be the ones we truly are! That is our gift to the world and where world peace truly comes from. From us being the unique natural gifts of divine natural creative expression. In the process of shedding these fears I am holding the little girl in me that didn’t feel safe or held in all her expressions as I grew up and who lost contact with her self and started to reach for the approval from others instead from her own source within. I say loving things to her, and allow myself to let go of the need of approval from others… And also I surround myself with people that truly love my wild crazy side!!!

Remember: What someone else thinks of you just shows you what they think of them selves! And be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. You are needed just as you are! So I am gifting you with my latest version of Kali faces. Kali is the fierce Goddess of holy rage and she slices through the illusion of your own limited self. Lately she has been around a lot in my dance and life. God it just feels so good to stick my tongue out and make crazy faces filled with holy rage. Saying: enough is enough! Time to enjoy myself now without these limiting beliefs. It is truly amazing how rich my life feels then! So stick your tongue out and make a face to the demons within you. They will go away I assure you!

Lots of fiery love and passion to you, Mira