In this over-masculinated society, many women have lost contact with their soft, sensual yet wild feminine nature, their Shakti. In order to be independant we have had to push ourselves, and compare ourselves with men, competing with them in order to survive. In many cases this world has hardened us, and the sense of magic and trust has been lost. We have become too hard on ourselves, and too tired, and trying to fill a hole within us that cannot be filled by the outer world. We women crave for something deeper and this is reconnecting with our wild feminine nature.

Shakti Yoga with Mira is about trusting your body, your feminine nature, and divine sensuality as the wise light within that is meant to be guiding your life. It is about trusting the movement from within, while being in relationship with the earth, and not knowing where the movement is going to take you. This Shakti tantra yoga is designed to instantly connect you with the wild intuitive feminine goddess within you. Letting your inner wisdom guide you through each asana, you’re trusting your body’s inherent wisdom to move and you are healing through each movement. By allowing the movement to flow from this deeper connection from your core energy, you will find that your sensuality and spirituality are of the same source.

How can your yoga practice be a truly joyful, self loving, and juicy experience?

The Shakti Yoga experience is not focused on the outer masculinized yoga poses/asanas as much as with your connection to the divine feminine within you. The practice here is not about trying to reach and strive for the perfect asana. We find real perfection is in the unperfected, in the juicy, messy life flow that you already are. Many women are attracted to yoga, but have unfortunately approached their yoga practice from a masculinized way which tends to empahzise the contraction in their body, mind and feeling instead of creating healing and a letting go of tension. This type of yoga is a completely different approach to Shakti Yoga. What you will experience is a real Feminine Yoga practice, which feels so natural, so enjoyable and deeply nourishing that you naturally and joyfully want to do your practice every day! This is your time to love yourself, to let go of anything weighing you down so you feel transformed, deeply grounded, nourished, received and empowered!

What you can experience in a Shakti Yoga Workshop:

A deeper capacity to listen to your body and enjoy being in your body.

A deepening of sensual mindful awareness in your yoga practice.

Increased capacity to release tension and open to more joy and orgasmic pleasure.

Weaving of feminine and masculine qualities in your body and soul.

Deeper connection with the earth and the vast expansive sky.

Techniques you could experience in a Shakti Yoga class:

Yin restorative poses and dynamic Yang pose.

Ecstatic free movement and sounds.

Techniques to release tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gung, transformational breath.

Womb meditation and deep relaxation.

Exploring chakras, energetic alignment, mantras and tantric energy focus.


I find your yoga to earth my body, connect me to my natural aliveness and feminine softness. Your healing tone of voice is much to do with the magick also, being grounded, deeply relaxing and to me this is connecting the pleasure of being a body on earth breathing the love of sky and air moving compassionate through flowing water reawakening to the feminine fire pulsating from within

Nina Maria, Bali

A fantastic experience meeting all these beautiful women. Connecting on a very cellular level and finding this divine energy. So deep. So special. So refereshing and alive. Bit by bit bringing me through my layers of fear, density and love. Gazing into one another´s eyes and slowely finding space of all kinds. Blissful. Waking up and finding a desire for more closeness, gazing and sharing. I love tantra and the fact that I chose to be a part of this day and work shop. Thank you me. Thank you all. Thank you goddess Mira.

Anneli, Sweden

Here you can see coming events and retreats with me. If you feel inclined to work with me, please fill out the form below and contact me. Please add your phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. I give sessions in English and Swedish, in person or over skype. I am looking forward to hearing from you! See my upcoming events and schedule.

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I like shakti yoga! The true feminine essence is movement.
Movement like the wind, sometimes calm and soothing, other times fierce and powerful but always moving.
Shakti yoga is to come home, to be one with the energy and the body at this moment.
A more intuitive yoga than other yoga styles where the breath and movement connects with the soul, not only the physical body. Shakti yoga for me is a deep connection with the essence of me.

Ingela, Sweden

”En underbar helg! Mira kan verkligen leda kvinnor på ett fantastiskt sätt. Mjukt, behagligt men ändå oerhört kraftfullt”
Agneta Nyholm
Grundare av School of Graceful Livings ledarskapsutbildning för kvinnor


Agneta Nyholm Winqvist, Sweden

School of Graceful Living

It’s beyond words, but participating in the gentle movements you guided gave me a solemn and sacred experience of my own etherical inner beautiful feminine. It was as if the external me with hurts and pains and restrictions ceased to limit me, ceased to exist (and I had lots of restrictions and impossibilities to bridge)

Anni Lagg, Sweden

Efter den fantastiska feminine yoga workshopen har jag tänkt på hur starka avtryck yoga dagen gav med sig och att jag verkligen vill fortsätta att väva in mer av detta i min egen praktik. Din grundande, jordade energi, din kärlek och lustfyllda praktik har fått min kropp och sinne att sukta efter mer ”female tantra”. Mer yoga, mer övningar in the feminine spirit! Något very profound skedde i mig. Jag hittade en ny stig att vara på. Att jobba med och som jag tyckte väldigt mycket om. Som jag sa i slutet av dagen så kände jag som om hela min kropp hade mediterat. Både på ett fysiskt, mentalt och spirituellt plan. Jag kände mig i total balans. I homeostasis helt enkelt. En fantastisk känsla Mira, och jag är dig innerligt och evigt tacksam för det du erbjöd och gav oss möjligheten att smaka på denna dag! Du balanserade dagen på ett fantastiskt sätt.  Att i början gå runt i rummet, möta en kvinna, one on one, nära, med blickarna djupt in i varandras inre, att ge sig hän var otroligt avväpnande och starkt. Rakt in i närvaron. Effekten vaggade oss vidare in i asanas med allt som kändes och fanns med i rummet. Nytt och naket blev erbjudandet att få låta, att göra ljud. Såååååååå befriande! Älskar. Älskar effekten. Detta i kombination med workshopens tribal del, att skaka, skaka och skaka vår kropp med fokus på olika delar får hela min kropp, mitt jag att längta efter mer. Mötet med mitt urkvinnliga jag gav underbara omedelbara och långt gåendes effekter. Du har öppnat upp nya stigar för mig att utforska tillsammans med de jag redan känner till. Där jag kan fortsätta jorda och vårda mitt inre.

Annelie Elmberg-Lester, Sweden

Thank you Precious Mira! I can feel new juice of feminine and masculine energy as a result of their inner love … It is pleasure to know you and to share time with happiness and joy with you! I’m in a non-stop cosmic orgasm. With one hand in Heaven and other on the Earth … Mother Earth kisses Father Sky … I haven’t any words for that… Thank you! I’m happy and have more energy and power.

Iva Miteva-Slavcheva, Bulgaria