Shakti Yoga Facilitators Training

Foundation Level 1

30 Hour


Are you a female yoga teacher who wants to take your yoga practice and classes to the next level?

Do you wish to deepen your connection with your feminine body and heart?

Do you long to find more sensual enjoyment and flow in your yoga practice and in everyday life?

This training is for You, who wants to dive deep into your feminine essence and learn simple yet effective yogic and tantric practices that merge your sexuality, creativity, health and vitality, and who wish to apply that in your yoga profession.



In this over-masculinized society, many women have lost contact with their soft, sensual yet wild powerful feminine nature, their Shakti. In order to be independent we have had to push ourselves, and compare ourselves with men, competing with them in order to survive. In many cases this world has hardened us, and the sense of magic and trust has been lost.

Shakti Yoga connects you with the wild, intuitive, feminine within you. It brings a sensual mindful awareness into your yoga practice, letting your inner wisdom guide you through each asana, trusting the body’s inherent wisdom to move and heal through each movement. Shakti yoga feels natural, enjoyable and deeply nourishing where you want to do your practice every day without having to force yourself.

This in-depth and experiential training is the first part of the SHAKTI YOGA FACILITATORS TRAINING, which you can apply to if you wish to facilitate Shakti Yoga. You need to have a minimum of a 200 Yoga Teacher Training.

In Level 1 we will cover the basic building blocks of Shakti Yoga. The basic building blocks are breath, sound, movement, touch, stillness, energy work and self-inquiry. The movement part consists of asana, free organic movement and shaking.

After you have successfully completed Level 1 you can apply for the Level 2 Training, which will deepen your capacity and knowledge of the tantric principals, energy work, working with the moon cycle (menstrual), the elements and feminine tantric energy cultivation practices. After Level 1 you can start to facilitate foundational Shakti Yoga classes.

• Deeper capacity to listen to your body and enjoy being in your body, and how to teach from the wisdom of your body
• Sensual mindful awareness in your yoga practice
• Increased ability to release tension and open to more joy and pleasure
• How to soften into the Feminine rhythm of nature
• Self-Love and honoring of your body
• Self-source overflow of energy within yourself
• Activate, circulate & expand the natural flow of Shakti energy
• Yin restorative poses and dynamic Yang poses
• Ecstatic free movement and sounds
• How to release tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gong, transformational breath
• How to use the breath to activate and calm your nervous system
• Energy pathways in the body and how to move and expand energy
• How to create your own Shakti Yoga Practice and listen to your body´s need of the day
• Self-Inquiry and Journaling


  • Women’s Hormonal Yoga (Level 2)
  • Womb meditation and womb dialoguing (Level 2)
  • Yoni meditation and yoni dialoguing (Level 2)
  • Moon Cycle and how to find a rhythm with your cycle (Level 2)
  • Body Love Mantras (Level 2)
  • Chakras, energetic alignment and tantric energy focus (Level 2)
  • Feminine yogic and tantric embodiment tools (Level 2)


Feminine Yoga and Yoga being created for men by men

Most widely offered yoga practices has been created by men for men, and do not taken into consideration the constitution of the female body, both physically and energetically. A masculine yoga practice can be truly amazing and rejuvenating for a female body to practice, but if that is the only movement practice, it can be restraining to the female body and energy system.

Shakti Yoga explores a yoga practice designed for women. It focuses on ways to open, restore, release and reconnect with the key energy centers: the womb, yoni and pelvic floor, the heart and the breasts, and the third eye center.

These three areas are our power centers as women. They are prone to contraction and tension and hold within them past feelings and memories. When tension is released from them, the holding patterns relax and life force energy can move more freely, bringing greater clarity, vitality and enjoyment. This brings a woman into more intimacy with her intuitive knowing within her feminine body: the womb, as her inner teacher and deepest seat of power.

The modern western women are very well trained in the masculine qualities and excel in manifesting and structuring our lives. We manage many roles, whether it is being a mother, have a career, take care of a home, be a good friend, or a sexy spouse and at the same time look great. With that strife for perfection, many of us get stuck in our heads and feel disconnected from ourselves, our life and others. There is an unbalance and a longing for the feminine aspects of us to take
place as well.

Shakti yoga is an effective way to release stuck emotions and tension. We allow all different flavors of us to naturally rise and fall as we move and breathe and heal organically. As opposed to many other yoga traditions Shakti yoga is not designed to control or master our body and mind. It´s more of a surrendering process where we trust in something greater than ourselves, and where emotions are part of that greater whole, and in no need of being controlled. The body gets more flexible and strengthens when we listen to it give it permission to move in a way that feels good and alive. The time on the mat gives a sense of natural freedom and sensual relaxation.

Shakti Yoga doesn’t exclude the masculine, the men or the yang yoga practice. It invites all of that but yearns to find balance and a free space for Shakti to roam and play as well. She wants union and liberation, where their union co-creates a new heaven on earth, which is our inherent birthright.


What is Shakti Yoga?

Shakti Yoga is a feminine movement practice created to awaken Shakti. Shakti is the life force energy, bringing to life your soft, sensual, yet wild and powerful feminine nature. When you connect with your Shakti energy, you heal, feel inspired, alive and in tune with yourself and life.

The Corner Stones of Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga is a unique blend of Tantra, Yoga, Taoism and Feminine Embodiment. A new yet ancient way of relating to yoga in a more feminine way.

Feminine Embodiment

Shakti Yoga takes into consideration the constitution of the female body, both physically and energetically and uses the connection to earth and sky to heal the body.

Shakti is the life force within, active in both men and women, so Shakti Yoga also addresses the need in men to get in connection with their vital creative life force and their feminine aspect within.

Shakti Yoga can also be taught to mixed groups and male bodies and is very beneficial for both sexes. The language and focus points are then modified and altered.


The Basic Building Blocks of Shakti Yoga

The basic building blocks of Shakti yoga are breath, sound, movement, touch, stillness, energy work and self-inquiry. The movement part consists of asana, free organic movement and shaking.


Come and join other amazing sisters and dive deep into the wonders of your own feminine body and soul.

The Shakti Yoga Training is designed to recharged and empower you as a woman to embrace your own unique body and beauty

and to find ways to listen deeper to the life-force, Shakti that is alive within you already.


Shakti Yoga for women is a modern Tantric yoga practice that enhances the vital ecstatic life force and feminine energy. Watch and please reach out for more info!


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I am excited to hear from you and share about this amazing Shakti Yoga training for Women.

lots of love, Mira

Mira Dakini´s story

Since 1993, Mira has been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of touch, tantra, yoga, feminine embodiment and movement.

She facilitates workshops, retreats, trainings and sessions for women and men from all over the world. Mira is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and have studied many forms of yoga. Her own unique style of yoga, SHAKTI YOGA, has been birthed from all of her studies and explorations and blends breath, sound, movement, touch, energetic work and devotion into the asana practice for the awakening of Shakti; the Life Force energy within.


“My own yogic path has not been a straight one. I came across yoga 25 years ago. Then there were no flashy yoga studios and no one hardly knew what it was, except that if you did yoga, you were in a sect and a bit weird or crazy. So in the library in the Swedish small town where I grew up, I found a book about yoga, with strange postures and tried meditating by myself in a dark room, trying not to think. That was pretty hard.

Later I came across Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Sivananda hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga and so on… I tried them out and after several injuries along the way I gave it up completely for some time. I have never had a flexible body and I lacked something in all of these yoga systems, as if I was not ok as I was. Being a sensitive person, wanting to deliver what was asked of me, I overdid it and did not listen to myself.

But eventually I was pulled back again, it was my soul searching for its connection with the body. My spiritual path has taken me to many different explorations of the body and soul; free movement dance, feminine women’s work, energetic tantric work, therapy work, healing work, ecological gardening, living in many different communities, working with healing and beauty, yoga and meditation. I later studied ISHTA yoga, which has a tantric approach to yoga and which suited me better. It was a step in the right direction, but not fully what I was yearning for as it was still too masculine for me.

So I had to design my own practice, out of all the different explorations that I had done during the past 25 years of my life. I was yearning a more gentle approach, more of a space to connect and actually heal and experience yoga from within. To me, the important thing is not what I do, but how I do it. It is about coming to presence receiving life, receiving myself and accepting and loving that.

I met some Shakti sisters along the way that became my dear friends, teachers and collaborators in the field of feminine embodiment; Anna Maria Magdalena and the Shamanica Tantrica Arts and the Earth Priestess Training (which I co-facilitate), Sonja Shradha Devi and the Wild Sacred Feminine. I am forever grateful for the support of these women to mirror my mission of bringing the Feminine Path of sensual embodiment, where soul and body is one, back to this Earth.

I am continually growing and expanding, and so is the Shakti Yoga practice. Remember we are alive and in constant change so what I teach here are some basic principles to play around with in your practice and life. It’s not a dogma. It’s not a linear path. We move, we rise, we fall, we integrate and rise up once again. We are part of life’s constant evolution. So, keep breathing and trust your own unique path in life.

In The Level 1, Shakti Yoga Training I will teach you these techniques of how to enhance Shakti in your body and life, but most importantly how to express your own unique version of that energy and how to speak and teach from a dropped in state of embodiment, which is the free fall and descent from the mind and into the body.”

Much love, Mira