I am so passionate about being a Woman and helping other Women finding a deeper connection to themselves and their femininity! Something magical happens when women come together and share and rest deeper into their essence. There is such a deep, and for most women, hidden power residing in our bodies, in our wombs, our intuitive center, where our sensuality and spirituality weaves together as our life. When that connection is made with our womb space, life is truly magical! We feel and trust ourselves and life so much more, and can create and enjoy the life we deeply want to live! Shakti Yoga is such an amazing tool in helping us women to drop into our most natural sensual state of being, where our life and breath is a pleasure and a healing from within!

Join me for a tast of magic this summer in Sweden, Malmö… I would love to see you there!

DATE: AUGUST 6th, 10.00-14.00

SHAKTI YOGA FOR WOMEN is about trusting your body, your feminine nature, and divine sensuality as the wise light within that is meant to be guiding your life.

In this masculinated society, many women have lost contact with their soft, sensual yet wild feminine nature. This type of shakti yoga is designed to instantly connect you with the wild intuitive feminine goddess within you, reclaiming your lost sense of magic.
Techniques you could experience in a Dakini shakti Yoga class:
· Yin restorative poses and dynamic Yang poses · Ecstatic free movement and sounds · Techniques to release tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gung, transformational breath · Womb meditation and deep relaxation • Exploring chakras, energetic alignment, mantras and tantric energy focus • Sharing circle
How can your yoga practice be a truly joyful, self loving, and juicy experience? Come and explore this with me!

Feel free to contact me for any questions… I am looking forward to sharing the Magic of Shakti Yoga with you!