Do you find yourself in a stuck place where you need a safe, loving guide that can help you heal and find deeper love and connection with yourself? I would love to hold a safe, loving space for you where you can connect back with your essence, your Shakti, your life force!

Since childhood I have been into touch. I was given a natural capacity to feel into other bodies and an understanding of energy and healing touch since I was little. I remember always using my hands to heal others and to create connection and a flow of love.

I have since then trained and experimented with touch for 20 years. Most of it is intuitive and I use my own Shakti energy to feel into clients and create an opening and deepening.


SHAKTI HEALING SESSIONS are an energetic transmission of Shakti; Life force energy, which ignites your body and it´s natural healing capacity.

Though energetic transmissions, healing sounds and magically alive touch and movement, I use my own body as well as my touch to inspire the Shakti energy within you.

Shakti, is your life force energy, your natural healing energy within your body. When you get a connection with your Shakti energy, also called Kundalini, you naturally heal, you naturally feel inspired and connected with yourself and life. Though this Shakti Healing transmission you will find your natural spiritual connection and your own creative sexual energy, which will also deepen through these Shakti healing sessions.

This healing space is about finding intimacy of the masculine and feminine aspects of you. We will explore this through a deeply guided journey into your body and soul. I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation using energetic touch, intuitive guidance, a connective breath, healing sounds and emotional grounding with the Earth and the Sky. What you will discover through this journey is a sweet self acceptance and deep embrace of who you are. Wherever you are at in your process is welcome. Change is inevitable. I work with your energetic and physical body, using the breath and the enhancement of the connection to earth and space. Movement is invited, and yet our journey is to go into this deep place of relaxation where you completely embrace yourself. You will be healing from the inside and out, as a ceremony, as a prayer. Some of the benefits you will receive from a session are:

  • Feeling deeply relaxed
  • Experience being loved
  • Being touched by something greater than your self’
  • Becoming more integrated with a deeper connection with life
  • Experience something magical to life
  • Feeling grounded and connected to Earth and nature


“I instantly trusted Mira due to the sincerity, receptivity and curiosity she greeted me with.My session deeply revealed inner knowing that I had not been able to access on my own.
Her hands expertly brought my attention to areas in my body that were calling for my attention and effortless releases happened physically and emotionally.
She allowed for an intuitive guidance to come through her that directly spoke to what I needed to hear and asked questions that brought out my own inner knowing and wisdom.
After the session I found myself empowered, connected and clear about my path and with a deeper trust in what is guiding me in my life.
I am grateful to have found her and want to make sure I have access to her continued guidance should I again forget what became so obvious during our session.” – Richard Bock, Quantum Light Breathwork

If you feel a YES, a longing, please contact me. I WOULD LOVE TO SUPPORT YOU! I will respond as soon as possible.

I give sessions in English and Swedish, in person or over Skype. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Lots of love, Mira

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”My healing sessions with Mira has given me a deep sense of beauty throughout my whole system, body, spirit and soul… like a lingering feeling of the deep well that is me, a restoration of the holy beauty that is me, touched with deep devotion. A session with Mira is a journey into the sacred ground that dwells in every human. She offers such healing grace in a gentle, firm, loving and devoted space where everything present can come to rest and be awakened at the same time.”

Singer and actress Elin Teilus,