Dear Sisters and Brothers,

When we start to turn into the cycles of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars moving across the infinite Universe, we start to live more in harmony with ourselves and everything around us. Creating simple but powerful rituals in relationship to the Moon can for instance be a powerful way to empower ourselves, commune with the energies that are moving within and around and to release negativity and open up for a new flow of positive changes in our life.

Energy builds during a full moon phase, and the surging energy we feel from it can be used to help us expel stagnant energies and to plant, affirm, grow and manifest our intentions.

On full moon, as well as the two days before and two days after, everything is magnified. We can use this heightened energy to shed what no longer serves us, declare our intentions, and honor our connection with the moon and the universe we exist within.

Rituals can help us create transformation where we release and purge behaviors, circumstances, or attitudes that have caused us difficulties. They support us also in gathering the strength required to let go of relationships or situations that no longer is serving us.

To create a Full Moon ritual for yourself you will need:

A cushion or something to sit on.

A cloth or blanket to place your items upon.

Candles, sage, incense, or Palo Santo wood.

Crystals, rocks, stones, or personal sacred items.

Photos or items that hold memory that relate to the situation you would like to cleanse and release the energy of.

Take a shower and put something beautiful and loose on you, and then head outdoors—if possible somewhere near water, after dark on the evening of the full moon.

When you arrive at a spot where you feel relaxed, firmly plan your feet on the ground, face the moon and start to shake out your whole body releasing any negative energy and built up tension.

Lay the cloth out in front of you and place your symbolic items on it.

Light the sage, candles, incense or Palo Santo, on a fireproof dish. Use the smoke as a ceremonial way of clearing negative energies, so that your body and the space is purified. Trust your intuition and do what feels right for you. There are no rights or wrongs!

Stand or sit cross-legged, whichever feels more comfortable.

Ground and center yourself by taking deep, cleansing breaths through sounding and sighing out loud on the exhale. When you feel that you have arrived in your body, slowly open your eyes and start gazing at the moon to absorb and embrace the energy radiating from it. Open your palms towards it or lift both arms toward the sky.

When you feel ready, softly and calmly say an affirmation that directly relates to the circumstances you want to cleanse, heal, and release.

One example is: “On this powerful full moon, I release everything that no longer serves me.”

You can add a name or a word that has something to do with your situation, depending on what feels good for you. For example: “I compassionately release my connection to…” or, “Under the light of the moon I lovingly undo any energetic ties to…”

Keep repeating your affirmation for as long as you feel necessary.

When you feel complete, sit or lie on the earth, feeling totally supported by it. Fully relax into the earth below you and allow the moon’s glow to light up and inspire your mind, body, and spirit.

Close the ceremony by offering gratitude to the moon for the healing energies. Give thanks for the support and for the cleansing it offered you. Also give thanks to the place that held space for you, and offer gratitude for yourself and your willingness to purify and become new.

Creating our own rituals allows us to affirm loving intentions. It also honours our connection to all living things, and appreciates our place in the infinite Universe.

Lots of love, Mira