This is an immersion into the rituals of your deep Sensual Essence as a Woman through Shakti Yoga, Jade egg ceremonies, Feminine Self Care practices and Sacred Sisterhood, in the embrace of Mama Earth and the Alive Elements within a Woman’s Body.

This retreat will be an opportunity to go deeper into your feminine essence & pleasure with the support of the sisterhood and have time to rejuvenate in nature, listening to the voice of your womb and remembering who you truly are as a woman.

•Shakti Yoga, feminine and sensual embodiment
•Womb meditations and deep healing rest
•Womb and yoni dialoguing
• Ecstatic clearing and activation rituals
• Yoni Egg Initiation
• Ecstatic Free Movement Sound & Dance
•Loving your body and healing body shame
• Womb & Breast massage
• Tantric Polarity
• Shakti Massage
• Sharing Circles


Just like the moon, women are cyclical, always ebbing and flowing through different stages with corresponding energies and emotions.  This retreat will help you understand, embrace, and love yourself deeply as a woman, and you will be given practical knowledge and wisdom, tools and practices to help support your feminine evolution, embodiment and empowerment.

What to expect

We will teach a uniquely woven mix of shakti yoga, feminine embodiment and self care practices, jade egg, sacred cycle wisdom and rituals, all tied together with the elements and phases of the moon as it relates to a woman’s body and cycle.  

All of nature is cyclical ~ the seasons, cycle of life/death, breath, tides, moon, and even the elements dominant all around and within are all constantly ebbing and flowing.  Many women approach their bodies, lives and self-care practices in ways that are not inherently supportive to their feminine well-being as she may not know how to embrace the different energies present in a her body and life at different times.  For example, some women have the same yoga or exercise routine every day, and this can end up frustrating or exhausting her system. In this retreat we will offer you a new perspective on how to embody your original feminine essence through learning ancient wisdom, theory, and practical self-care tools that encourage you to be your most radiant, healthy, and alive feminine self.  In our own practices and teachings, we have found these combinations to work wonders for the healing and awakening of a woman’s sexuality, body and life, and we are so excited to share them with you in this retreat!

Who is this for

This retreat is for women wanting to learn a new way of feminine well-being.  

  • For women who are burned out and wanting to learn new ways to restore their energies from the inside out
  • For woman ready to take the next step in their feminine evolution by learning, listening to and embracing their body’s wisdom
  • For women who want to heal sexual/body wounds and awaken to their unlimited sexual potential
  • For women who want play, have fun, and dive deep in a supportive, nurturing, juicy, and enlivening sisterhood 
  • For women wanting to learn to honor her female body and cycle deeply while having smoother, more harmonious cycles
  • For women wanting an enhanced spiritual connection to her female body and all of nature
  • For women ready to move from shame and dishonor in the female body to respect, reclamation and celebration
  • For women wanting to learn simple self-care and yoga practices that will enhance the well-being of her female body

Last month I photographed and participated in Hilary Kimball and Mira Malin Dakini‘s shakti yoga and sensual awakening retreat in Thailand. Hilary and Mira are committed to supporting women in awakening and owning their life-force energy, and releasing shame and pain around female sensuality and sexuality.

An intimate group of women showed up with authenticity, kindness, playfulness, vulnerability, curiosity, openness, emotional depth and a willingness to be seen. Thus illustrating that the real magic happens when you surrender to your tender, courageous, beautiful heart – and womb.

I have participated in many retreats over the years, and the manner in which this group of women held each other in silence, tears, laughter, joy and love speaks volumes to the safe container Hilary and Mira created for release.

Vanessa Deering


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