Dear sisters,
As I landed in Bali last night I was feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted. I was looking around at the beauty but I couldn´t feel it. Wondering what I am doing here?
Travelling around alone in the world is not always a glorious and wonderful experience. This morning I was definitely feeling alone, sad and utterly confused. So I took some time for grounding into the Earth… Remembering that mama earth is always there no matter what… She always loves and holds us dearly.
Then I reached out to some friends of mine, got some support and instead of taking the well known old path of depression and feeling worthless and unloveable, the feeling turned around into creativity and feeling connected again.

So I am saying it again sisters! We cant do this by ourselves! We need each other. I need you. I can´t make this by myself. We are all in this together. Yes. What a liberation it was for me when I got that. I am no longer trying to make it by myself only. Of course I have to show up for me and be responsible for me and my feelings but I do not have to carry it alone, by reaching out and asking for support I give permission to a friend of mine to be vulnerable to. We are not problems or burdens like I was told when I grew up. Having feelings was a burden for others I thought. But happily enough I have seen through that lie now and know that through sharing we grow. So now I share myself more freely, the good and the bad, and I know that I am actually giving to others when I do so.
How do you relate to this in your life?

I am so happy that I have learned how to be with myself. When I can be with myself, where I am suddenly feels like a paradise cause I am here.
As I allow myself to feel everything and to be weak, asking for support from friends and from everything around me, I drop my perceived lack and separation. God how I love to grow older and wiser! I may have some more greys and wrinkles but at least I know how to love, care and be with myself these days! And that I don’t have to make it by myself. God, that was a tough one for me!
So sending you some self love from my heart to yours from here in Bali .

Love, love, love you, Mira