Hi lovely ones,

I am just coming out of holding retreat space for a beautiful group of 6 devoted yogis and yoginis. Its such a wonderful experience to share the depth of yoga, meditation and a sacred healing space for others to truly commune with themselves, each other and the Divine force within. I love my work! It is my passion, it is my life for real and I feel so deeply gifted by the amazing beings I get to share this intimate connection with during a week.

Coming out of holding a retreat space for others I need to hold the same space for myself afterwards. Resting into Me after a week of holding retreat space. Its the exhale that follows the inhale. Through the years of walking on a yogic path I have learnt the necessity of giving myself some self love and nourishment to fill up again. Today I will gift myself with some massage, fresh coconut juice and simply being with myself and connecting to dear old friends that support and love me. I am happy, fulfilled, tired and at peace. I love my life!

How can you give yourself some love today?

Lots of love, Mira