Moon Blood – Tantric Meditation for Women

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This is a healing tantric meditation for Women during their Moon Blood, created to give a greater relaxation and connection to your womb during your menstruation.


This healing tantric meditation was created during my own Moon Blood as a way of supporting myself and other women in creating a more intimate connection with oneself during menstruation.

Our menstruation is a time of the month where we need to take extra time for ourselves to rejuvenate and feel into our connection with Mother Earth and ourselves. Usually we find ourselves feeling out of balance and exhausted from still having to perform during our moon blood. We have forgotten that this is a sacred initiation. Every month we are reborn through the bleeding of our wombs. Only when we give ourselves permission to drop the outside world to explore our inner world can we find peace in this phase of the month.

This tantric meditation is an opening into that new dimension of your menstruation as a sacred opening into yourself.

I hope you enjoy.

The meditation comes as a downloadable mp3 file.

Intuitive guided meditation by Mira Dakini. Musical background and arrangement by Fredrik Swahn.

With so much love, Mira

Here is a short taste: 


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