Dark Womb of the Earth – Tantric Meditation

29.00 kr

Relax into your body and soul through this tantric meditation where breath, sound, poetic words and piano music creates the ambiance of being embraced by the womb of the earth.


This tantric meditation is an artistic collaboration with Mira Dakini and Fredrik Swahn. Recorded live in the present moment. It was born out of a deep soul meeting between Mira and Fredrik, created as an open improvisation in Love.

Mira has the ability to create deep healing through sounds, sighs and intuitive poetic words, woven together with Fredriks capacity to create stillness, aliveness and connectedness through his intuitive piano music and creative rich voice. 

This sensual tantric meditation touches the soul and the body in a musically poetic way where meditation happens effortlessly as one opens up, carried by the vibration of this collaboration.

It comes as a downloadable mp3 file.

Here is a short taste: 


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