In times of challenge, or in times of great flow and abundance, what stays with me is my Prayer. To pray is to connect with that greater force in life that holds me and loves me no matter what… In praying I surrender to that wisdom within me, allowing that Higher Power to guide me where I can not see the path myself.

I believe one of the diseases of our modern world is our disconnection from our connectedness to the natural world within and around us. When ever we loose that connectedness we start to strive and battle life, beating up ourselves.

Praying is not about giving your power away to something outside of you. It is about turning, with honesty and devotion to the essence of yourself. The love you are made of. The stardust you are created from. The magic of living and breathing. That place where you are totally safe, loved and held.

Lately I have been pushed by life to return to that innocent prayer within me. I have been shown how much I have disconnected from life and myself and where I have been trying to make it by myself. It hurts. It is painful to believe I am not loved or part of the whole.

Fortunately enough I have found the Magic of Prayer. Through a lot of hard challenges and sweet loving moments, I now know where to turn and humbly nourish myself.

I wish for you and all living beings to find your own alive prayer and faith in something great and loving within and around you. Blessings on your way!

Mira Dakini