Inspirational thoughts

Slowly unfolding Herself

Dakini is slowly unfolding Herself, revealing Her wisdom and creativity to me She is a Goddess speaking to me from within and around me She is the love of Mother Earth and the heritage of wise women who has walked before me She is the deep intuitive wisdom of my embodied spirit She is my bones, my flesh, my blood, the sun, the moon, the earth within me She is my heartbeat pulsing in unison with Mother Earth She is my womb whispering from worlds hidden from our eyes She is the magical mystical spark of light, like the innocent bright child of nature she was born as She is a soothing lullaby singing me back, comforting and nurturing She is a volcano that shakes my legs and feet, pulling all that I have known away from underneath She is a fierce lover of truth She embraces all, the dark and the bright, the small and the big It is all embraced, at the same time as it is all shaken, stirred and scattered Exposing that which is real She is the passionate longing of ecstatic aliveness A force of nature is what She is She is within you, as well as in me Can you hear Her voice echoing within you as your true unique embodiment of that force? She is here Truly alive And She welcomes You

The Earth and the Sky

“Feeling the healing embrace of Mother Earth and Father Sky as me, as the essence of life, what I am made of, where I am, where I come from and where I will go… It is the experience of oneness, of beingness with all… I feel it as a lovemaking, a coming together of the opposites that created me and this world. It is like being born again, or recreated over and over again Feeling how the Mother embraces me and carries my darkness for me. Her huge celestial body welcomes all my fears and my darkness. She drinks it with delight. It nourishes Her to see me live and come alive. Because She is in me and She wants to live throught me. We are in this life together. And the Father/Universe gives me the healing spark of light. New lifeforce to be embraced in each inhale. I am held by the stars and the sky, the sun. The vastness of the universe loves and cherishes me deeply We are in this life together We are one”


”I am relaxing into myself. Accepting that I am my biggest asset. I am the point of meeting for everything.  Darkness and light. There is nowhere else my life happens. Knowing this in the essence of me allows trust in life and love of myself to arise. This love and trust pours out to all of Life. I don´t have to do anything.”

Allowing to be held

“I am allowing the Mother to hold me and guide me deeper into the bare bones of my skeleton Into the rhythm of my hips, my pulsing beat, the vulnerability and love of my heart and the strength of my legs rooting down into the Earth… Giving thanks for the amazing gift of being me. It has not always been easy, and I do struggle still, but it is all meant for me; this life, is a gift. My life and my body is a gift from Mother Earth. My body is my temple, my abode, my home and I am cherishing it more and more. My spirituality is not that of becoming something else, transcending the body, but that of becoming and enjoying my body. It is a saying yes to this gift that I have been given; Life, through me, my body and spirit. “

The Ugly and the bright

Life is the ugly and the bright being embraced as one.There is really no separation, for real. It is only us that have created the separation through placing different values and judging something as good or bad, often through avoiding the ugly parts of ourselves. But it is possible to choose to embrace it all as a whole. Dakini is about finding an intimacy with all that you are….”

Intimately close

” I feel intimately close to myself.A kind of raw experience. Connection to the ground, connection to the expansion.Everything breaths and are being massaged by that breath. This makes me relaxed, and surrendered, expanded, but totally in contact with the outer environment. I feel grounded but still vulnerable.”


“The feeling of intimacy with darkness and light becomes the altar from which I receive and create life. My yoga mat is a learning ground for receiving, as is every other place on earth.  Yoga. My dance floor and creative studio is my ground for giving, as is every other place on earth.  Yoga.”


“I found myself searching. I was looking for something. And I found things that moved me in some ways but there was an inner struggle. Because what I longed for was a meeting with myself.  What the outside offered was only temporarily meetings with myself and always connected to the outer, the teacher, technique or environment.  All I met was an Ideal image of myself. I suffered. I suffered but wasn´t aware. I lived a good life, didn´t I? But underneath that goodness was a great un-satisfaction. Comparison, unrealistic demands, not being good enough, an idea that I not am what I should be and that I should have been somewhere else long ago. Under that un-satisfaction was perfection. I was everything I ever longed for,  in my dark human un-perfection and in my bright shining soul. There it was. Perfection. Life. Me.”