DAKINI PHILOSOPHY Revealing The Beauty Within

Dakini is an intuitive process of returning to the simplicity where your body and soul is felt as one.  When this simplicity is fully embraced, your real beauty is all that is here. You are already whole and fully integrated. The only thing needed is to uncover that which is not connected to this experience, and to explore this wholeness through your own unique body and soul.

Your Body Is The Portal

When the totality of your body and soul is felt as one, then a pure connection to life and to yourself is felt. Through this simple connection to your body, you will come to feel unified with everything. The only thing needed then, is to feel into your body and receive the sensations that are already there. This is not a philosophy or a technique but a way of relating. In this conscious way of relating, your body is the portal to discovering a feeling of wholeness with life and yourself.

The Intimacy With All

This is not a path of struggle to change yourself to get somewhere. It is about embracing what is here right now; the dark ugly parts and the light beautiful parts. It is about receiving and celebrating the simple connection to life through your body´s communion with the Earth and Sky. Dakini is about finding an intimacy with all that is you.

The Dakini Process

The Dakini process is about healing the blockages that are seemingly in the way of experiencing the simplicity of your body’s wisdom. When your body’s wisdom and simplicity is uncovered and felt, your life can be lived from a place of inherent beauty and devotion.  Depending on your specific needs I use different healing modalities, see The Dakini Experience, Dakini Healing Sessions, Dakini Yoga Sessions.  

If you feel inclined to work with me, please fill out the form below and contact me. Please add your phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. I give sessions in English and Swedish, in person and over Skype. I find this is such an interesting and rewarding journey to be on, and would love for you to explore this with me.