This is where I’m spending my day, resting on the Earth, cuddling with my cat, reading Red Moon, writing new intentions for this new moon cycle as I’m feeling into the New Moon and eclipse today and my moon blood which is to come.

Finding back to rituals as a woman has been super important for me. I used to fight against my lows trying to push through when I was feeling tired. Today is a tired day as my body is preparing to give its blood back to the Earth. Life is flowing out of me. As I accept that and relax into it it becomes a pleasurable sensation in me, rather than a sense of lack, being wrong or having to change something. Accepting the low energy phase of the moon blood gives me energy for the rest of the cycle and stirs deep magic and creative energies in my heart and womb. 

I sense I’m diving deeper into some magic that can not be explained by my rational mind. A deep sense of belong to this earth and the natural rhythms of the feminine flow.
There is usually a resistance arising as that deep dive takes over me and where I actually don’t have a choice. I can fight it and suffer or I can surrender and enjoy. 

Our Menstrual cycle is a gift. Not only to us but to this world. As I learn to relax and lean into it more and more I feel a deep gratitude arising for being in a woman’s body and for being force by the rhythms of my cyclic flow to surrender to some greater magic than me.
Blessings on your New Moon and intentions for the next moon cycle to come. 

If you wish to learn more about this join me in my SHAKTI YOGA IMMERSION this August.

Much love, Mira

I want o know more about the Shakti Yoga retreat and how to follow my feminine cyclic flow!

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