What do you do when life throws a hard challenge at you that deeply scatters your soul and life?
This picture has been with me as a healing reflection as I have been faced with some challenges that has pulled up deep wounds that needs my attention.
My soul and heart has been roaring, screaming and aching, and in the past I would have turned to my old well know path of self hatred but now it has been impossible. It’s not easy staying in love but it is impossible to hate.
Like the woman on this picture I place my hands over my heart and I LISTEN AND TALK BACK to my heart. My heart and soul is a living feeling essence or being that responds to healing and loving communication. We can always turn to ourselves and offer a non-judgemental listening where the soft vulnerable parts of our being are embraced.
Take some time to contemplate on this picture if you feel drawn to it, place your hands on your heart, breath into any contraction and offer a loving listening presence where your heart can tell you all its secrets and pain and wounding. Trust me, it’s not harder than you listening to a friend in need. And if you find it hard, reach out to a friend that knows you well where you can practice a loving attitude towards yourself.
If you don’t have that support in your life, I am here for you. Reach out.
With loving thoughts, Mira

Contact me for more support if needed! I am here for you.

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