Awaken and Nourish Your Feminine Sexual Energy

Yoni egg, Jade egg or Love egg – are all names for a beautiful healing semi precious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina, or yoni.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word and means “sacred space”. I will be using the term Yoni to bring appreciation and acknowledgement to this magical part of the feminine body.

Yoni eggs or Jade eggs have been used for 5000 years. In the royal palace in China these eggs were used by the empresses and concubines to access sexual power, awaken their sexuality and to maintain amazing health into their old age.

  • The benefits are both physical and spiritual
  • It tones up our pelvic floor muscles
  • Creates a strong yoni for more vitality in daily life
  • Increase libido and awaken your sexuality
  • Develop and intimate and loving relationship with your yoni
  • Increase natural lubrication, even after menopause
  • The vibration of the crystal stones gives a healing from the inside
  • The internal massage increases sensitivity in the vaginal canal
  • Restores sensitivity in the yoni
  • Opens up pleasure spots in areas inside your vaginal canal
  • Amazing healing tool; healing stored unprocessed pain and trauma in this area of our bodies
  • Opens up our ability to experience pleasure and be truly present and open to life
  • Become more orgasmic
  • Enhance your Tantra, Qigong or Yoga practice

Jade Eggs empowers us to heal ourselves with awareness, love and consciousness, allowing us to create an affirming and nourishing relationship to our own sexuality and to attract sexual experiences which are deeply loving and fulfilling.

Jade eggs are not always made of Jade. It is possible to use a whole variety of different crystals each with their own particular healing vibration. I like to use a ‘jade’ Yoni egg made out of Rose quartz, a crystal vibrating with a very pure LOVE vibration.


Jade eggs initiations

I guide Jade eggs Initiation Rituals. This is especially powerful when done in a group of women. I offer these Jade egg Initiation rituals in my workshops and retreats but also one-on-one in my sessions in person or via Skype. The initiations are done in a safe, relaxed and loving space where you truly can receive this healing energy into your most sensitive and receptive part of your body, your beautiful yoni. If you are interested in booking a session or workshop contact me!

In this Healing Initiation Yoni Ritual we form a living mandala to embody our strong intention for our own healing and the healing for women everywhere. We start with using our breath and movement to open up our bodies. A safe container is created through meditating on our hearts and yoni, allowing an intention to rise up within ourselves. We share our heart intention with our sisters in the circle, being seen and heard. We then use simple but powerful Jade egg techniques to release negative imprinting in our sexual organs and create a nourishing and empowering relationship to our sexual energy.

This initiation ritual is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the jade egg. I hold this as a sacred ritual and shared meditation in a safe and supportive atmosphere with the intention for playful exploration and deep healing. This is a potent practice to share as a sacred feminine ritual and you will go away with a jade egg practice that you can continue with at home. Jade egg practice is a sacred meditation, a kind of sexual yoga that offers you a way to cultivate your sexual vitality and merge your sexual and spiritual life. This healing ritual is appropriate for any woman (if you have your moon blood you can still participate and learn the techniques without placing the jade egg inside).

Contact me for a Yoni Egg Initiation Ritual

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A woman’s experience of a Jade Egg Initiation Ceremony

One of the reasons why I invited Mira to come back again to Bulgaria, this time for a special female sacred circle and jade egg practices, was the incredibly strong sense of connection and belonging to the Feminine through the energy of Sisterhood. Never before had I experienced such an immense love and complete openness to give and receive support and selfless love from my sisters…

When Mira described the rituals she is leading – with such love, depth, understanding and very, very feminine delicacy – made me instantly want to go through this experience myself and to share it with other sisters, knowing that we still need to learn how to treat ourselves, how to really embody the most sacred feminine, how to access the inner wisdom and inherent inner power through the Womb. The sacred feminine circle was indeed amazingly powerful!

Mira led us in a safe space of acceptance and openness, where we connected fully with our inner feminine essence on a physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual level. I went through the full range of different states, there was sadness, smallness, shame, a sense of not being enough, abandonment and rejection, surfacing to be seen and embraced and healed by this sweet love pouring from the very core of my being!!! Following Mira’s guidance, I gave myself a deep understanding and compassion, I felt alive, free, whole and complete, really touched by the Divine and always supported! Since then I am following Mira’s jade egg practice almost on a daily bases and it feels so empowering, so deeply transformative, a real magic is entering in my life!!

Maya Raykova, Bulgaria