A practical training for women on how to enjoy life

12-18 of August 2019

Skeppsudden, Sweden

with Mira Dakini



Are you a woman who wants to deepen your connection with your feminine body and heart and be able to self-source pleasure?

Do you long to find more sensual enjoyment in your everyday life, in balance with all aspects of your life?

Are you curious on how to be more grounded in your unique expression and mission in life, empowered by sisterhood?

This training is for You, who wants to dive deep into your feminine essence and learn simple yet effective embodiment practices that merge your sexuality, creativity, health and vitality and who wish to enhance the work you already do with women in the field of your profession.

Maybe you are a yoga teacher, counselor, healer, mother, therapist, artist, midwife or in a supportive roll of other women and wish to get more tools and experience on how to create a deep sense of safety and enjoyment in the feminine body.

This training is defined by who we are and by the gifts we bring into the circle. We come together in order to grow and embody the woman we already are and take new steps in our life and expression.

In this training we will explore:

  • Shakti Yoga
  • Feminine Embodiment practices
  • Sharing circles
  • Ecstatic free sound and movement
  • Relating with the elements and the earth and sky as a resource
  • Feminine sensual meditation
  • Knowledge of the menstrual moon cycle and how to move and plan your life accordingly
  • Self –inquiry and creative journaling
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • How to release tension: shaking, undulation, sexual chi gong, transformational breath
  • Womb meditation and womb dialoguing
  • Yoni meditation and yoni dialoguing
  • How to use the breath to calm your nervous system
  • Energy pathways in the body and how to move and expand energy
  • Chakras, energetic alignment and tantric energy focus
  • Real vulnerable sharing with Sisters, through circles and dyads
  • Receive support from the Sisterhood


This training is for you, woman, who wants to:


  • Learn feminine embodiment techniques (through Shakti Yoga)
  • Learn how to self-source energy, vitality and creativity
  • Enjoy your life and your body
  • Create a personalized embodiment practice that supports you in life
  • Create a connection between your own sense of sexuality, creativity, vitality and passionate life purpose
  • Learn to tap into the power and relaxation of your feminine body
  • Claim your juiciness and learn how to live from pleasure instead of pressure
  • Increase your capacity to release tension as it arises so that you can live in a state of natural pleasure and ease
  • Deep understanding of your nervous system and how to regulate and soothe yourself



  • Work from an integrated feminine and masculine quality in life
  • Enhance the work you already do
  • Step into supporting other women
  • Deepen your creative life purpose, mission and service in life
  • Get more clarity around your unique creative gift and purpose
  • Take leadership of your life
  • Learn how to attract what you want
  • Learn to fully show up and love yourself exactly as you are
  • Find your place of power, effortlessly



  • Express your emotions, passion and wisdom
  • Express yourself in a circle of sisters where you feel seen, heard and safe to explore deeper dimensions of yourself and your unique gift
  • Learn to own and express your desires, fears and needs
  • Practice holding space for women from a deep feminine listening of your body’s innate wisdom
  • Explore and express the innate magical wisdom of your womb wisdom


You already:

  • Have a yoga practice since some years back
  • Work in the holistic alternative field and want to increase your capacity to hold space with a feminine embodiment approach


In the enchanting forest and magical seashore of Sweden, I invite you to this in-depth practical and experiential training. This is a retreat for Woman’s Body and Soul, where we will dive into the feminine yogic and tantric arts in a true nature of sisterhood.

Come and receive tools, practices & integration of your own peaceful, ecstatic embodiment together with other sisters!

* This workshop will be guided in Swedish or English depending on if there are English speaking participants attending the workshop. Please let me know if you need assistance in understanding English.

DATES: 12-18 of August 2019
VENUE: Skeppsudden, outside of Norrköping in Sweden


Super Early Bird Price: € 428 (4400 SEK)

Early Bird Price: € 458 (4700 SEK)

Regular Price: € 497 (5100 SEK)

GROUP ROOM: €370 (3900 SEK)
DOUBLE ROOM: €460 (4800 SEK)
SINGLE ROOM: €550 (5700 SEK)

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In this over-masculinized society, many women have lost contact with their soft, sensual yet wild feminine nature, their Shakti. In order to be independent we have had to push ourselves, and compare ourselves with men, competing with them in order to survive. In many cases this world has hardened us, and the sense of magic and trust has been lost. We have become too hard on ourselves, too tired, and try to fill a hole within us that cannot be filled by the outer world.

Shakti Yoga with Mira connects you with the wild, intuitive, feminine within you. It brings a sensual mindful awareness in your yoga practice, letting your inner wisdom guide you through each asana, trusting the body’s inherent wisdom to move and heal through each movement. Shakti yoga feels so natural, enjoyable and deeply nourishing that you want to do your practice every day!