In Ecstatic Living Consultations I guide women and men into stepping deeper into their power, their spiritual connection as well as their sensuality and sexuality, helping them to deepen their connection with themselves in a tantric way, meaning where spirituality and sexuality is not separated but comes together as one path instead of being fragmented.

My experience is that often we need a guide to takes us deeper into our journey, especially as women. Society has not really been able to mirror all of our unique and amazing qualities as women, where we get understand ourselves and our unique sexual and spiritual connection to source.

In an Ecstatic Living Consultations we will start with talking about what you want to work with and then I will guide you in various contemplations, meditations, active movement as well as sounding and breathing, so that your openings and your longing is grounded into an embodiment and a knowing in your body of this new path. In order to come to a real deep and sustainable opening it usually takes a couple of sessions before this new knowing becomes stable and integrated into your life.

My Ecstatic Living Consultations is a simple and powerful approach that is deeply transforming to your life.  Throughout the process we will work with grounding your process into your connection to your body. In a few weeks you will discover a new energy and attitude growing within you and moving through your life. I am looking forward to connecting with you and taking you into your Ecstatic Living of your life!

If you feel inclined to work with me, please fill out the form below and contact me. Please add your phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. I give sessions in English and Swedish, in person and over Skype. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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“It was a deep and transformative experience, guided by amazing Mira, during which I realised clearly what I don’t want anymore in my life and I said out loud NO! She showed me the way back to myself, to my natural state of love, sensuality and bliss, towards a wholeness of the feminine energy and connection with my roots, and she also gave me some tools to help me come back there every time I need… She made me hear the voice of my deepest longings and to plant their seeds deep down in me.”

Victoria Zhekova, Bulgaria