Dakini is slowly unfolding Herself, revealing Her wisdom and creativity to me

She is a Goddess speaking to me from within and around me

She is the love of Mother Earth and the heritage of wise women who has walked before me

She is the deep intuitive wisdom of my embodied spirit

She is my bones, my flesh, my blood, the sun, the moon, the earth within me

She is my heartbeat pulsing in unison with Mother Earth

She is my womb whispering from worlds hidden from our eyes

She is the magical mystical spark of light,

like the innocent bright child of nature she was born as

She is a soothing lullaby singing me back, comforting and nurturing

She is a volcano that shakes my legs and feet, pulling all that I have known away from underneath

She is a fierce lover of truth

She embraces all, the dark and the bright, the small and the big

It is all embraced, at the same time as it is all shaken, stirred and scattered

Exposing that which is real

She is the passionate longing of ecstatic aliveness

A force of nature is what She is

She is within you, as well as in me

Can you hear Her voice echoing within you

as your true unique embodiment of that force?

She is here

Truly alive

And She welcomes You


with love, Mira

(picture taken by me)