Ok. So here I am. Dakini by Mira Malin Skogsdotter.

The unique expression of me. The creativity coming from my devotion.  No holding back in being me. No holding back in sharing my creativity with those who wants to be part of that giving and receiving.

This is probably one of the challenging things I have ever done.

Taking my space. Taking myself for real. Honoring and expressing myself. Caring for myself. Knowing that I am a gift, with all that is me; my whole life journey. My ugly dark parts as well as my light shiny parts. It is all a gift. It is all part of me and my giving through Dakini.

I believe nothing happens by mistake.  I am not a mistake. Nothing I have ever done is a mistake. Nothing I do is a mistake. It is all the gift of giving and receiving Life. It is my most intimate teacher, and what I believe I am here to share; My life.

I am a gift, with all I am. And so are you. You are a gift with all that you are.

Welcome to embrace yourself as the unique gift of love that you are, through the inspiration of Dakini.

with love, Mira

(Picture taken by Jonas Faremo; www.faremo.se)