I love trees. They are my friends. I have always related so deeply to them. They are just holding such a loving space, with deep roots down into the Earth, asking for nothing in return.
This morning was emotional for me, as my dear tree friend that I hang out with almost every morning was cut down. It hit me like a fist in my belly, the chock and the sadness and a huge cry shook me.
There She was, still standing, with a naked trunk and all her beautiful branches cut down… Oh how I have loved to sit in her calming and soothing presence in the shade of the beautiful gift of her branches… I have praise her so many times, giving thanks for her shade by the stream where I love to soak my feet and feel the connection with mother earth… my medicine.
And now, just a naked trunk. The branches just lying there scattered around, without anyone doing anything with them. Just cut down, for what reason? I don´t understand. Why?
As I was crying, I was feeling the pain of the Earth, what we are doing to her. How can one deal with that pain? It is too much…
And as I was crying by the tree, hugging her naked trunk, I still felt her love and her forgiveness… so vast and so inclusive, so real.
I am praying that we all get to connect and feel the trees for REAL, who they are and what their gift is to us… and to experience the depth of love Nature holds in its essence, just by being….
I pray for forgiveness for all of humankind and our ignorance. Please guide us Mama Nature, as we are your lost children, trying to find our way back to our lost innocence and connection with All of Life.