About Mira My name is Mira and this is my story. My life is a deeply intuitive, creative and explorative journey.  Since 1993, I have been traveling around the world, living in alternative healing communities, studying in the fields of touch; healing, massage, spa-therapy, and movement using pilates, yoga, dance and the creative expression of drama, as well as studying tantra, feminine embodiment practices, meditation and relaxation. I have also studied permaculture organic farming and raw food.

Yoga and tantra are my life. I have been on the yogic tantric path since 1995 exploring it through women’s circles, groups, and personal relationships.  Tantra is not all about sex, it is the merging and melting of the opposites in life.  It is the meeting of the femininity and masculinity, the dark and light, the body and the soul. I am a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, and I have studied through ISHTA Yoga; Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda.  In this school, I learned to combine an individualized personal approach to healing through our different constitutions and needs according to ayurveda and through the use of tantric energetic meditations. In the field of yoga I have also studied and experimented with; Yin yoga, Yin/Yang yoga, Restorative Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Facial Yoga, Female Yoga, Feminine Tantra Yoga, Women´s Hormonal Yoga, Shakti Yoga.

Since the early nineties, when I finally left the suffocating middle-size-Swedish-town I grew up in, I have been on an inner and outer journey. I have learnt through hard work, sweat and tears – as well as joy and celebration into surrender – how to manifest health and beauty from the inside out. I am currently residing in Bali, Ubud, where I am devotedly relaxing into connection with Mother Earth while offering my work through retreats and sessions. I have a profound love for the Earth and the subtle yet powerfulness of being a woman.

From 2006 to 2013 I was running a business; Temple (Temple of Spirited Living) together with my business partner Susanna Nova. We created unique, custom-made pieces of spirited jewelry, to be worn like an altar, mirroring the inner place of beauty seen on the outside. We still make malas custom ordered through a ceremony as extended pieces of sacred art.

What does Dakini mean? A Dakini is a tantric priestess, shamanic healer, intimate teacher of tantra yoga, muse for the mind – body – soul, and an embodiment of spontaneous wisdom, bliss, and liberation. Dakini is a Goddess of Wisdom, also meaning ‘sky-dancer’ in Tibetan. She is a dazzling enchantress who soars through clouds, revelling in utmost freedom.

I am so much looking forward to support you on your journey! I know it can be a bumpy road at times and we all need help in seeing ourselves. I constantly receive helping support in being my most radiant Goddess self!



My name is Mira. I am a Dakini, a Yogini, a Tantrika.

I am here to share the feminine tantric practices that will bring an ecstatic, orgasmic deep healing joy into your life.  I have been on my spiritual path since 1990 and I am passionate to share about the divine wild feminine practice of yoga and tantra!

The practice I teach is all about embracing your own feminine force, the Shakti within you, and breathing it into every aspect of your life. So that your relationships, your love life, your health, money and sex are all flooded with this cosmic orgasmic energy. Whether you are a woman or a man, you have access to this divine energy right now.

Spirituality and sexuality are one, and this is juiciness for me. This naturally occurs when we relax into communion with our bodies, instead of residing up in our minds. Our bodies are closer to the truth, as the body does not lie. It carries a deep force and wisdom that is vibrating in each cell as divine connection. Spirit and sex are one of the same energy, two sides of the same coin. Your sexuality carries a deep healing liberating energy that returns you back to your spiritual source.

Tantra Yoga is about coming extremely alive. You will start embracing all your human darkness as well as your light divine essence. In Tantra all is welcome. You are welcome as you, and your life is a divine journey of imperfect perfection.

When the totality of You is felt as one Body and one Soul, there is no separation for real, and then your true Beauty is felt.

Dakini is the embrace of all that is You. It is the meeting of Darkness and Light, Earth and Sky, the Feminine and the Masculine, Body and Spirit.

Welcome to explore this with me through Yoga, Healing, Coaching, Events and sessions.

I am so excited and honoured to hold space for you on your journey…